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Chabad Weekly Update - Passover Edition 11th of Nissan 5777, April 7 '17

Friday, 7 April, 2017 - 12:42 pm

Message from the Rabbi

Jewish-born American banker Otto Kahn converted to Christianity. He and his friend—a hunchback—were passing a synagogue when Otto intoned, "You know, I used to be a Jew."

“Yes,” his companion replied. “And I used to be a hunchback.”

Being Jewish is not something we can just give up.

Unfortunately, there are many young Jews who currently believe that the best way to solve the age-old problem of anti-Semitism is by assimilating into the prevalent society and culture.

The Passover Haggadah, which we read annually at the Seder, addresses this very same logic which is neither new or accurate. Just after it laments the perennial state of anti-Semitism, "In every generation they rise to destroy us," it immediately instructs, "Go and learn from Laban the Aramite."

What's the connection?

The Haggadah is responding to this very notion of blaming anti-Semitism on ourselves, and those who believe that if only we would assimilate, we would permanently cure the world of its chronic anti-Semitism.

Which non-Jew in history was closer to us than Laban? He was the Jewish patriarch Jacob's uncle, father-in-law, employer, and grandfather to his 12 sons who founded the 12 tribes! Laban was truly family. Yet his anti-Semitism was so insidious that the Haggadah terms it worse than that of the legendary anti-Semite, Pharaoh!

In other words, attempts to break down the walls between Jews and non-Jews by assimilating and intermarrying will not fix anti-Semitism. Look at Germany before the Holocaust, where a significant percentage of the Jews were completely assimilated. It did nothing to prevent the worst outbreak of anti-Semitism in modern history.

The only answer to anti-Semitism is, as the Haggadah itself states in the same section: "And this–G‑d's covenant and promise–is what stood by our parents and us. For not just one nation has risen against us to destroy us, but in every generation they rise against us to destroy us; and the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from their hand!"

Only a strong and proud nation dedicated to G‑d’s covenant can overcome the world's latent anti-Semitism. Only when the Labans of the world see that our Jewishness is absolutely non-negotiable will they respect us, and live in peace with us in Israel and around the world.

Next year in Jerusalem!

  Volume 18 Number 27, 11th of Nissan 5777, April 7 '17

Chabad Weekly Update - Passover Edition


Kiddush CupKiddush Sponsor

This week’s Kiddush will be extremely simple as the kitchen has already been cleaned for Passover.    

Everyone is invited to join us for this beautiful weekly gathering.

Kiddush Sponsorship

If you have not sponsored a Kiddush for a while and/or if you have a birthday, anniversary, or perhaps a Yarzeit you wish to mark, please respond to this message.

Kiddush sponsorship begins at $180.


Passover Plans ‘17

Passover banner.jpg 

Chabad at La Costa will again be offering a full array of Passover activities designed to educate the Jewish residents of North County in an engaging and meaningful way while encouraging additional observance of the special Passover traditions.

Chabad will be hosting a complete schedule of joyous and meaningful holiday services (holiday flyer already mailed).

Community Sedarim, Shmurah Matzot, & Sale of Chametz

The highlight of the holiday are the warm and traditional Sedarim (traditional Passover meals). When the rabbis, of blessed memory, codified the Seder, they managed to create the ultimate in interactive learning opportunities. The hands-on approach of the Seder, and the inclusive nature of the narrative, ensures that everyone – particularly the children – have a meaningful experience that will not only make a strong positive impression now, but will create positive lifelong memories. Everyone is invited to partake of our home-cooked, Kosher for Passover, Sedarim. Information and reservations can be made by visiting

If you would like further information regarding our beautiful, interactive community Seders (both nights), purchasing Israeli, handmade Shmurah Matzot, and/or appointing the Rabbi to sell your Chametz (forbidden leavened products), please respond immediately to this message and we will get in touch.

Passover Schedule

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Formal search for Chametz after nightfall


Monday, April 10, 2017

Fast of the First Born

Morning Services with Siyum 8am

Finish Eating Chametz before 10:40am

Burn Chametz before 11:45am


1st Seder Night

Light Candles at 6:58pm

Evening Services: 7:00pm

Community Seder: 8:00pm


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

1st Day of Passover

Morning Services: 10:00am

Evening Services: 7:00pm


2nd Seder Night

Light Candles* after 7:54pm

Community Seder: 8:30pm


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2nd Day of Passover

Morning Services: 10:00am

Holiday Ends at 7:55pm


Friday, April 14, 2017

Light Shabbat Candles at 7:01pm

Evening Services at 7:00pm


Saturday, April 15, 2017

Morning Services: 10:00am

Shabbat Ends at 7:58pm


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Light Candles at 7:02pm

Evening Services: 7:00pm


Monday, April 17, 2017

Seventh Day of Passover

Morning Services at 10:00am

Evening Services at 7:00pm

Light Candles* after 7:59pm


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Final Day of Passover

Morning Services at 10:00am

Yizkor Memorial Service at 12:00pm

Meal of Moshiach 6:30pm @ Chabad of Encinitas

Passover Ends at 8:00pm

*Connotes lighting from a pre-existing flame.

Special Pesach Fund

At this time of year it is has been a long-standing tradition amongst Jews the world over to give extra charity to help the poor for Passover. Passover needs tend to be more costly than some families can afford. It is for this reason that Chabad at La Costa will again be raising money for distribution. This fund is called “Ma’ot Chitim,” which literally means money for bread.

We need you to be as generous as you can to help the less fortunate Jews here and abroad. Perhaps you can donate $108 so a family can be sponsored for our communal Seder? Please go online and use the secure donation link at G-d promises those who give charity that it as if they have made a personal loan to the Almighty, and He always pays back, with interest!

Holocaust Memorial / Kosher LA Outing

MOT anne frank display.jpg 


Museum of Tolerance

Join us on Sunday, April 23rd as we embark on a tour of the world famous Museum of Tolerance located in LA. We will leave (carpools being formed) from the shul at 10am and heading straight to the museum where will be spend 90 minutes to two hours touring the museum.

Following the museum we will take a tour of the Pico Robertson neighborhood known for its Kosher Restaurant Row. After our late lunch / early dinner we will head over to the West Coast Talmudic Seminary, also known as Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad, to see a modern Yeshiva in action.

In order to keep the pricing as low as possible we will have everyone pay his/her own way at the Museum (approximately $15 each) and at the restaurant. Those who can help provide rides please contact the office at your earliest convenience. We will provide the Rebbetzin’s van and a couple of spots in the Rabbi’s car (first come – first served).

New JLI Course Beginning


Survival of a Nation: Exploring Israel Through the Lens of the Six Day War

One fateful week in June 1967 redrew the map of the Middle East.

Fifty years later, Israel continues to face numerous existential threats.

Experience an inspiring and thrilling account of what was then considered the most improbable and astonishing victory in all of military history.

Drawing on ideas of great Jewish writers and thinkers from throughout the ages, Survival of a Nation presents the Six-Day War as you’ve never experienced it before.

Its six sessions confront the impossible yet important questions of our time with affectionate and fervent patriotism, while also remaining realistic, and morally anchored.

This spellbinding course will sweep you up in its narrative force and abiding love for our nation’s history and the best of its traditions, and will not let go of you until it’s done.

Here are some of the highlights:

If Judaism is a religion of ideas, why do Jews care so much about land?

Why does Israel perpetually raise the ire of the entire world?

what are the ethics of preemptive strikes and collateral damage?

How should Israel protect itself against an enemy that hides behind human shields?

What should Israel do with territories captured during the Six-Day War?

What lies at the heart of the land-for-peace debate?

Haftarah Thought


By: Gabbai Harold Reisman

Shabbat HaGadol  April 8, 2017 
Malachi 3:4-3:24

The four prior special Haftarot are codified in the Mishnah. This one by the prophet Malachi is not - why then select it at this time? The answer lies in the text. Pesach is not mere commemoration; it is required reliving of the event. We must connect to the power of redemption...the redemption at that time and the final redemption to come. Verse 17 speaks of "my most precious possession" (s'gullah) - the remnant that will keep the faith. We can - and must - choose to be part of that righteous group. What better time than the recollection and celebration of the Exodus from Egypt?

First Day of Pesach 
Joshua 3:5-7, 5:2-6:1 and 27

The Haftarah tells of the first Pesach in the Promised Land. A mass circumcision (a second instance) is required since children born in the desert were not circumcised. The same command given Joshua (verse 15) is in the same form as that given Moses at the Burning Bush. The comparisons are critical in reminding us of the holiness of the holiday. The holiday demands internal and external a heavy dose of self-awareness. Reading and understanding the Haftarah gives us the hope that the holiday will awaken a real resolve to improve and become a better person. What two events in Judaism are paradigmatic and recognized as critical events? Circumcision and the Pesach Seder. Both are stressed in this Haftarah.

Second Day of Pesach 
Kings II  23:1-9, 21-25

The second day of Pesach presents a Haftarah that continues with the theme of cleansing and adherence to ritual. King Yoshiyahu recognized the mass error in improper ritual and idol worship. He called for an unprecedented and fervent celebration of Pesach - a true model for every generation. The king's "heart and soul" were directed to "uphold the words of this covenant". While the Haftarah speaks of cleansing of the Teraphim, idols and other abominations, we should seek to remove mental and physical blockages so that we, too, can "...uphold the words of the Torah..." (verse 24). As was stated at another time: "If not now, when?"

Weekly Class Schedule

Please note: All classes cancelled this week due to Passover

Daily Following Morning Services – Jewish Law with the Rabbi

Daily Following Morning Services – Tanya – Chabad Chasidic Philosophy with Rabbi Elia

Tuesday: Chasidic Philosophy – 7:30pm

Wednesday: Torah Portion of the Week – 7pm

NO Hebrew School This Week – Due to Passover

Give your children the Jewish education that they deserve! Our Sunday Hebrew School offers lots of hands-on activities and positive reinforcement. Students learn Hebrew language skills, Jewish living and observance, Jewish history, and so much more! We include arts & crafts, field trips, and holiday programming to make their experience even more enjoyable. Your child will have fun as he or she gains an appreciation for the ‘why’s and ‘how’s of Judaism.  Our students want to be here!

Special Wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes go out to Jaymi Hale, Julie Tubis, and all of those celebrating their birthdays this week!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY wishes go out to all of those celebrating their anniversaries this week!

WE REMEMBER Steven Beck, Julie Brunelle, Peter Goldsmith, and William Ross on their Yarzeit.

May Fran Sekela and Roz Mintz be blessed with a full and complete recovery!


A Comm-Unity for You (and Me)

Belonging to a Jewish Community is not only gratifying and fulfilling it is also extremely important, for within the community one finds a place to connect with G-d and one’s soul, a place of learning and spiritual enrichment, a great source of friends, a place to bestow one’s Jewish legacy upon his or her child/ren, and so much more. Check out to learn more. 

The beauty of OUR Jewish Community is that we offer so many different options that everyone is sure to find something enriching and meaningful. Below please find a partial list of some of our current offerings. If you have never come by before pick an item or two and try it out. If you have already tried an item or two find another one that sounds interesting and give it a whirl. “Connection” – that is the name of the game and that is precisely what you will find here!

*Daily Minyan   *Shabbat Services   *Weekly Kiddush Luncheon   *Mysticism Classes   *Torah Portion Class   *Hebrew School   *Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training   *Mommy and Me   *Family Friday Night Services and Dinner   *Women’s Group   *Youth Activities   *Pastoral Counseling   *Holiday Programming   *Community Meals   *Hospital Visitation   *Weekly Email Updates   *Hospital Visitation   *Mezuzah Campaign   *Jewish Heritage Workshops   *Jewish Learning Institute Affiliate

Need a Minyan?

If you need a Minyan to say Kaddish please give the office at least a few days notice. We are happy to provide this important service, but it takes time to arrange enough participants to assure the quorum is present. Please email your request.

Minyan Shaping Up

We are most proud to announce that our morning Minyan is looking good! In fact, we got a Minyan every day this week. The success is a direct result of the increase in our core group of committed participants. A daily Minyan is a very important service provided by a shul to its local community. Praying with a Minyan is considered a great Mitzvah as it helps our prayers effectiveness (ask the Rabbi for a more complete explanation). It also allows those who need to say Kaddish to do so properly.

We are facing a challenge, as in the coming weeks a couple of our regulars will be out of town (going to Yeshiva programs). We need a couple of more people to step forward and fill this gap to make sure we do not lose momentum. Can you make a commitment to our daily Minyan?

Shabbat Services with Meaning & Joy

Every Saturday we get together to celebrate the holy Shabbat in song and prayer. Our services are both traditional and user-friendly, as we fully recognize that not everyone has experience ‘Davening’ (praying) in a traditional setting. What those who have joined have found is that the atmosphere in our synagogue is conducive to meaningful meditation. A knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary to participate. In fact, the only thing that is needed is the desire to learn and to connect to the Almighty. It is an enriching experience not to be missed! Shabbat services begin at 10am and conclude at approximately 12:30pm and are followed by a wonderful community lunch. There is no cost to attend and reservations are not needed.

Omni La Costa Resort Welcomes Chabad at La Costa Guests

We are pleased that our world-famous neighbor, the Omni La Costa Resort, has extended a special program offering all sorts of perks to those who book using the ‘Chabad’ code when booking. The special terms include the lowest room rate available, a reduced resort fee of $15.00 (normally $28.00) and complimentary self-parking (savings of $18.00 per car per day).  The resort’s deposit requirement is waived for Chabad guests as well as the three-day cancellation policy.  Chadad guests may cancel until 6pm on the day of arrival to avoid a charge of one night’s room and tax.

To book your room at the special Chabad rate, call toll-free 800-854-5000 or book online at  Or you can find more information or book through our website: Follow the link for Visitor Information.

To date more than 400 people have used the Chabad code this year (2016)! Many people have expressed gratitude at having such world-class facilities in such close and convenient proximity to our Shul, and the joy at being to stay at the Omni and walk to Chabad for Shabbat services.

Memorial Plaques & Tree of Life Plaques Available

Our beautiful Memorial Boards have been installed. We specifically designed our custom-built bookcases to ‘frame’ each of the boards. The first Memorial Board was dedicated by the Brunelle Family and the new Board was dedicated by the Alter Family.

We are currently offering Memorial Plaques to those who wish to perpetually honor the memory of a loved one in a most dignified and permanent manner. Those who dedicate Memorial Plaques will also receive yearly reminders of the Yarzeit and the light on the Board will be illuminated each year on the Yarzeit.

We also have a gorgeous Tree of Life dedicated by the Lieberman Family that will shortly be going up. The purpose of the plaques on the Tree of Life is to commemorate joyous occasions (like Bar/Bat Mitzvah, anniversaries, special birthdays, weddings etc.).

The donation is only $360 per plaque for the Memorial Board or $180 for the Tree of Life. Those who wish to participate should send an email to, or call Rabbi Eilfort at 760-943-8891.

Cell Phones & Chatting During Services

Needless to say the sanctuary on Shabbat or holidays is a place that must be conducive to reflective prayers and serenity. To help keep it this way, please refrain from engaging in any conversations during services and please do not bring in your cell phone. Thank you for your cooperation.

Shul Etiquette

Those who join us regularly for Shabbat services will agree that we have something very special going. The family-friendly atmosphere is unique and most inviting. We welcome everyone as though he/she is a long time member of the family.

At the same time it is important to remember that we are a synagogue. Our sanctuary is meant to be a place where it is conducive to finding inner peace and tranquility. That is why the Rabbis have many laws concerning the decorum of a shul.

It is appropriate to dress modestly and to dress somewhat formally in shul. Men should wear button down shirts, slacks (no jeans or shorts), with jackets and even ties when possible. Of course the head is to be kept covered at all times. Women should wear skirts that go past the knees and blouses with high neck lines and sleeves that cover the elbows. Married women should wear hats and the like.

Children must be supervised at all times by the parents except during Junior Congregation (11:30am). While we want the children to have a great time together it is also important that they do not become so wild and/or boisterous that they disturb those of us who are participating in the services.

We must remember that we should walk to shul and never park in the parking lot if there already eight cars parked. Finally, and we fully realize this goes against Jewish DNA, it is appropriate to come to shul ON TIME. While we know everyone is vying to be counted as the 10th, we are equally sure Hashem will give extra credit to those who come ON TIME at 10am (not to be confused with 11:30). We look forward to seeing you here!

Please Patronize Our Sponsors

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Hauling the Junk Away with Victor

Victor Libraty has recently moved to Encinitas and has started a junk hauling and recycling business. Just in time for Pesach! If you have junk that needs to be removed call Victor at 760-815-7004. Tell him you saw his information in the Chabad Weekly Update!

Cost Effective Advertising Available HERE

Hundreds of people see Chabad at La Costa's Weekly Email Update. Those who are looking to effectively promote their business and at the same time support this important community resource are invited to become sponsors for only $50 per month (that's per MONTH, not per week). Call Rabbi Eilfort at 760-943-8891 to get your message out there.

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