Our curriculum contains all the elements needed for an engaging and successful learning experience. We provide our students with the tools and resources needed to discover and explore their rich heritage, learn the fundamentals of the Hebrew language, and connect to their Judaism in a personal way.

The goals we set for our students is reflected in every lesson and unit. Our goals are for our students to relate the teachings of the Torah and the history of the Jewish People to their lives and to gain spiritual insights and practical lessons, making them better people and closer to G‑d.

We have developed a school-wide curriculum, beginning with kindergarten and ending with sixth grade. Students at all grade levels spend time learning the following subjects:

  •  Prayer - the words, tunes, and meaning of basic Hebrew prayers
  • Judaic a - holidays, traditions, customs, Jewish philosophy, and ethics
  • History - the story of our people from Creation until the present time
  • Hebrew language - reading, writing and basic vocabulary
Our Hebrew School uses the acclaimed Aleph Champ program to ensure that your child will read fluently at the end of his/her Hebrew School experience.
My Siddur - Siddur Sheli is a child friendly, large type, transliterated prayer book, with highlighted keywords and mini meditations for each prayer. My Siddur contains the main daily prayer and the complete Bentching/Grace after meals. The cover is a beautifully illustrated, original watercolor of Jacobs Ladder reaching the heaven, upon which Hebrew letters are ascending. The prayers are of the Chabad version with Israeli style (Sephardic) transliteration. 

Aleph Champ, modeled after the Karate Martial Arts system of motivational colored levels, breaks up the Hebrew reading process into bite sized motivational levels which makes it more kid friendly and exciting.

Students start as a white Aleph Champ learning half of the aleph bet.  They work their way through the different "belts" until they become a black Aleph Champ with the ability to read fluently from the Siddur (prayerbook).

Each Aleph Champ level has a color coded book, flashcards, workbooks and a medallion which is awarded once a level is passed.  All of these work together to create the motivation needed to progress in their own way. 



My Jewish Home is designed to discuss the mitzvot involved in creating a Jewish Home, such as mezuzah, hospitality, etc. The students grasp that the home is the center of Jewish Life ‘Home is where the soul is’. The children are creating a collage of tools for their own homes. 


JewishSuperheroes logo.jpg

Jewish SuperHeroes introduces your student to Biblical Heroes in a way they connect to, using Secret Missions, Hero Cards, and projects. Jewish SuperHeroes takes us through Jewish History, by focusing on the characters from the beginning of time and (not) ending with YOU and your child.



JLI Teens provides advanced Jewish involvement for jr. high school students by challenging teenagers to incorporate Jewish thought into their everyday life. Each series incorporates ethics, philosophy, faith, history, community service, current events, and textual studies

The cKids curriculum focuses on a new theme each week to bring the parsha or a mitzva to life. Each lesson comes with easy adaptations for kids of different age groups and backgrounds and includes: 

Interactive activities and discussion starters 
Review questions 
Themed games 
Creative, ready-to-play game boards and game pieces

and more