Shalach Manos Order

Dear Community Member,



Purim is not far off (March 20th -  21st). We are offering the opportunity for our members to conveniently participate in the great Mitzvah of Shalach Manos (food-gift packages) to one another. This year’s version will be consistent with our Purim Banquet Theme, “Purim in Storybook Land!” They will be extremely creative and loaded with goodies!


The Shalach Manos gifts are lovingly dedicated in memory of Emile and Fiby Benchetrit, and in honor of a Refuah Shelaimah for Saul Gersenfish, Roz Mintz, Channah Hale, Fran Sekela, Sharon Silverstein, and everyone else who needs a complete and speedy recovery.

The commandment to send food gifts to the community fosters mutual love. Everyone can be a part of this Mitzvah by returning the order form with your check or credit card number, or you can order online on our secure website; and leave a note on the form.  

Enclosed is the current list of Chabad at La Costa members and friends. Members will receive a Shalach Manos food package with an insert detailing who participated in sending the gift.  Simply mark the names that you would like your name included on. It costs $54 per name you want included, or as an incentive to be as inclusive as possible, it costs only $180 to include everyone on the list. That means your name will be included on every delivered Shalach Manos. Also, everyone who chooses the $180 option gets two adult tickets to our fabulous Purim Banquet on Thursday, March 21st from 5pm – 8pm at no cost. Our Purim banquet will have an amazing menu and the ambiance we have all come to expect and enjoy. There will also be live entertainment and games. Our Purim Banquet is dedicated to the memory of Howard and Raymonde Plant, two people whose support and generosity was so important for our community.

Please be sure to return your form with payment no later than March 1st. Your payment must be sent with your order form to be processed. Don’t be left out! Remember: If you do not participate your name may not be included on the cards sent to those on the list, and you may receive a package from someone whom you neglected to send.

All proceeds benefit our community – so it is a total win-win situation.


Rabbi Eilfort