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In loving memory of Doris Markus mother to Naomi Alter.
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"Miriam's Tambourine" © Michoel Muchnik

Event - Miriam's Tambourines of Freedom

“..and Miriam took the tambourine in her hand, and all the women went out…with tambourine and dancing, and Miriam responded to them:  Sing unto Hashem, for He is exalted.” (Shmos 15:20-21)

“The righteous women who left Egypt were so confident that Hashem would perform miracles for the Jewish people that they took tambourines with them into the desert.  So, too, in the final redemption, the righteous women must - and certainly do - trust so completely in the immediate Geula, that they will begin immediately - in the last moments of exile - to play music with tambourines and instruments and dance for the coming of the complete Redemption.”The Rebbe — Bo- Beshalach 5752 

Join the thousands of women and girls across the globe who have prepared their tambourines for Moshiach with Coastal Chabads.

Light refreshments, painting, and celebration.          $10

Sunday, April 7th 7pm

Chabad at La Costa

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