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Volume 16 Number 28 Iyar 5 5775, April 24 '15

Message from the Rabbi

We are now entering the Hebrew month of Iyar. As spring (finally) spreads its radiant wings over the Northern Hemisphere, this month is a time of renewal, hope and healing. In fact, the Hebrew letters that form the word Iyar can be seen as an acronym for the biblical phrase ani Hashem rofecha,“I am G-d your healer.”

This short line contains a very deep message: Sure, we go to doctors, pop pills, exercise and do everything it takes to remain healthy. Yet we must always remember that the true source of health—indeed, the source of all goodness—is G-d Himself.

  Volume 16 Number 28 Iyar 5 5775, April 24 '15

Chabad Weekly Update


Yom Ha’Atzmut Celebration THIS Sunday @ Nobel Athletic

This Sunday, there will be a community-wide celebration in honor of Yom Ha’Atzmut (Israel Independence Day). Everyone is invited and encouraged to come out to park and celebrate with thousands of others. If you have a Chabad at La Costa tee shirt be sure to wear it with pride! The fun begins at 11:30am and will continue until 2pm.

Special Mother’s Day Kiddush Planned

On Saturday, May 9th we will have a very special Kiddush in honor of Mother’s Day and all of the great mothers in our shul! Those who would like to participate please contact Linda Rivkin through responding to this message, which will be forwarded.

Kashrut Alert: Rita’s No Longer Kosher Certified

Dear Jewish Community,

The new ownership of Rita’s Italian Ice that has been under my supervision for the past two years has decided to end the Kosher program at this time. They want to poll customers as to the importance of maintaining a certified Kosher product. If you, or someone you know, patronized Rita’s to enjoy the Kosher-certified product, it is my belief, Rita’s wants to hear from you so that they can assess the viability of possibly reinstituting a Kosher program in the future.

I think it is important that the management hears directly from our community how much we have enjoyed the product and appreciate the fact that they reached out to our community to accommodate our special dietary needs. On a personal note, I always enjoyed serving Rita’s in our synagogue and at my home to my guests.

To contact Rita’s to encourage them to consider reinstituting the Kosher program and/or to thank them for all of their past support please visit their Facebook page (Rita’s of Carlsbad and Rita’s of Encinitas), or visit their website: and follow the link to ‘Contact Us’ found at the bottom of the page. They can be called at 760-753-5700. For the Encinitas store the website is The phone number of the Encinitas store is 760-753-3400.


Rabbi Eilfort

New JLI Course Scheduled

How do We Know.jpg 

Have you ever questioned the authenticity of our Jewish tradition?

Is there any evidence supporting the veracity of Judaism as we practice it today?

What was invented by the rabbis, and what can be traced back to ancient biblical verses?

And how do contemporary rabbis know how to adapt biblical law for modern times?

Just as science follows the scientific method, Jewish tradition has its own system to ensure its authenticity remains intact.

Judaism Decoded, the upcoming JLI series, sheds light on the mysteries surrounding Biblical interpretation.

How do we know our interpretation is true?

If it is true, why is it subject to differences of opinion?

With so many interpretations to choose from, how do we know which one reflects its original intent?

Discover the sheer elegance of the “source code” on which Torah law is built; enjoy the razor-sharp reasoning, intelligent debate, and compelling arguments of the Talmudic dialectic; and get a fascinating, behind-the-scenes glimpse of the most intellectually sophisticated religion in existence.

Chabad at La Costa in conjunction with the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) will present “Judaism Decoded,”the institute’s new six-session Spring 2015 course. Rabbi Eilfortwill conduct the six course sessions. We'll explore the Torah like never before.

Like all JLI programs, “Judaism Decoded” is designed to appeal to people at all levels of Jewish knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. All JLI courses are open to the public, and attendees need not be affiliated with a particular synagogue, temple, or other house of worship.

Interested students may call 760-943-8891or visit for registration and other course-related information.

Need a Minyan?

If you need a Minyan to say Kaddish please give the office at least a few days notice. We are happy to provide this important service, but it takes time to arrange enough participants to assure the quorum is present. Please email your request.

Kiddush Sponsors This Week – WE ALWAYS NEED SPONSORS

This week’s Kiddush is sponsored by the Alter Family in honor of all of those who made such a beautiful Pesach possible. Please join us!

Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us for a beautiful weekly gathering!

If you have not sponsored a Kiddush for a while, or love the feeling of sharing this tremendous gift with our wonderful congregation, please contact Naomi at 760-519-7925.

Weekly Class Schedule

Daily – Code of Jewish Law with Rabbi E – Following Minyan

Shabbat: After Kiddush – Women’s Issues with the Rebbetzin

Tuesday: Chasidic Philosophy – 7:30pm.

Wednesday: Torah Portion of the Week – 7:30pm.

Special Wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes go out to Avigail Gershowitz, Brenda Joseph, Jessica Estrin, Jordan Mintz, and Sam Estrin!

May Rhonda Bloom, Len Weksler, Roz Mintz, and Mel Bridge, be blessed with a full and complete recovery!

We remember Emery Reh on his Yarzeit.


Our daily Minyan has been a tremendous source of good will for our community. Several people have been able to utilize the Minyan in order to say Kaddish for a loved one. Others have become accustomed to the great Mitzvah of davening with a Minyan because there is one readily available. Beginning this week, a couple of our regulars will be out of town for the next several weeks. We therefore need a few additional commitments so that the Minyan doesn’t slow down, G-d forbid. We are asking those who are able to make a commitment to the Minyan to please do so now. Some people are counting on our Minyan to be able to recite Kaddish for their loved ones. This is tremendously important. Please commit to a day or two per week (at the very least). People who have joined the Minyan have universally reported that they find the experience uplifting and have described it as a great way to start the day. Please respond to this message if you are able to help us in this regard.


Learn the Code of Jewish Law with Rabbi Eilfort

A daily class in practical Jewish Law is held immediately following the Minyan taught by Rabbi Eilfort. Using the Code of Jewish Law, known in Hebrew as the Shulchan Aruch, participants are able to discuss the laws while learning about the ongoing opportunities one has to serve the Almighty on a moment-by-moment basis. The class begins at about 8:50am and lasts for about 20 minutes. There is no charge to attend.

Hebrew School

Hebrew School takes place on Sundays at our storefront location. We specialize in children with an IEP. We provide a one on one individually designed Jewish education for your student. Please contact Hebrew School Director Morah Nechama for further info or to enroll your child/

Mom & Tot Shabbat

North County Jewish Moms!

Are you looking for a place to meet other mothers with children the same age as yours?

Join us for Music and Movement, Story-time and Challah baking and more! At Chabad at La Costa’s Children’s Center (Storefront Location) – 7740-E, El Camino Real, Carlsbad.

This class is complimentary! RSVP to Nechama 760 612 9787.

Memorial Plaques & Tree of Life Plaques Available

Our beautiful Memorial Boards have been installed. We specifically designed our custom-built bookcases to ‘frame’ each of the boards. The first Memorial Board was dedicated by the Brunelle Family and the new Board was dedicated by the Alter Family.

We are currently offering Memorial Plaques to those who wish to perpetually honor the memory of a loved one in a most dignified and permanent manner. Those who dedicate Memorial Plaques will also receive yearly reminders of the Yarzeit and the light on the Board will be illuminated each year on the Yarzeit.

We also have a gorgeous Tree of Life dedicated by the Lieberman Family that will shortly be going up. The purpose of the plaques on the Tree of Life is to commemorate joyous occasions (like Bar/Bat Mitzvah, anniversaries, special birthdays, weddings etc.).

The donation is only $360 per plaque for either the Memorial Board or the Tree of Life. Those who wish to participate should send an email, or call Rabbi Eilfort at 760-943-8891.

Cell Phones & Chatting During Services

Needless to say the sanctuary on Shabbat or holidays is a place that must be conducive to reflective prayers and serenity. To help keep it this way, please refrain from engaging in any conversations during services and please do not bring in your cell phone. Thank you for your cooperation.

Shul Etiquette

Those who join us regularly for Shabbat services will agree that we have something very special going. The family-friendly atmosphere is unique and most inviting. We welcome everyone as though he/she is a long time member of the family.

At the same time it is important to remember that we are a synagogue. Our sanctuary is meant to be a place where it is conducive to finding inner peace and tranquility. That is why the Rabbis have many laws concerning the decorum of a shul.

It is appropriate to dress modestly and to dress somewhat formally in shul. Men should wear button down shirts, slacks (no jeans or shorts), with jackets and even ties when possible. Of course the head is to be kept covered at all times. Women should wear skirts that go past the knees and blouses with high neck lines and sleeves that cover the elbows. Married women should wear hats and the like.

Children must be supervised at all times by the parents except during Junior Congregation (11:30am). While we want the children to have a great time together it is also important that they do not become so wild and/or boisterous that they disturb those of us who are participating in the services.

We must remember that we should walk to shul and never park in the parking lot if there already eight cars parked. Finally, and we fully realize this goes against Jewish DNA, it is appropriate to come to shul ON TIME. While we know everyone is vying to be counted as the 10th, we are equally sure Hashem will give extra credit to those who come ON TIME at 10am (not to be confused with 11:30). We look forward to seeing you here!


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