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Chabad Weekly Update - Simchat Torah Edition

Friday, 28 September, 2018 - 5:06 pm

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Message from the Rabbi


Did you know that there are soles in heaven? Nope, that was not a typo. Soles from shoes. You see, we are about to celebrate Simchat Torah, a day when we dance with the Torah scrolls. Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov taught that on Simchat Torah morning the angel Michael and his cadre of angels collect the torn soles and scuffed shoes from last night’s dancing, and they make them into a crown for G d.

On Simchat Torah it is not about who achieved more in his study, or even who devoted more time to learning Torah. It is a time to celebrate—celebrate the Torah and the special bond that it creates between us and G d. As the Kabbalists teach, there are three things that are tied one to another: Torah, Israel and G d.

So pull out your dancing shoes and celebrate with G d. He is waiting to have this dance with you!


Rabbi Eilfort


  Volume 20 Number 3, 19th of Tishrei 5779, September 28th '18

Chabad Weekly Update - Simchat Torah Edition

Important Minyan Needed Sunday at 8:30am

Sunday is Hoshanah Rabbah, a day of special significance when a divine judgment takes place. It is VERY important to have a Minyan (which lasts about 90 minutes). If you are able to help with this tremendous Mitzvah please respond to this message as soon as possible. Thank you in advance and G-d bless!

Exciting Announcement

This year’s High Holiday services were truly uplifting as we enjoyed wonderful crowds including many new participants from our area (not to mention plenty of out of town guests). During services the shul’s president, Mr. Len Hyman, made an exciting announcement, which the Rabbi further elaborated upon.

When we were in the midst of building, which was completed three years ago, we took a five-year, $300,000 construction loan. Thank G-d, and many wonderful donors, we have managed to pay down our mortgage to about $50,000. We have been informed by our lender, the Meromim Chul Foundation, that the final $25,000 will be donated back if we can raise $25,000 at this time. That means that every donation towards the ‘Burn our Mortgage’ campaign will be matched dollar for dollar.

We must act now!

Thankfully, we received numerous generous pledges towards this aim on Yom Kippur, but we still must collect those pledges and more to meet our goal.

Will you help?

Mr. Hyman explained that we must be financially self-sufficient and that every dollar raised here is used here.

We are almost there!

Please respond generously to this tremendous opportunity to literally double the impact of every dollar you give. Donate securely online by following this link:

Be sure to mention in the note that the donation is for the ‘Burn the Mortgage’ campaign!  

Kiddush Sponsor

This week’s Shabbat Kiddush is sponsored by Channah Hale and Arnold Tubis in honor of several Yarzeits including: David Glovsky, Doris Seigal Bornstein, and Rose Tubis.

The Kiddushes for Shimini Atzeret and Simchat Torah are sponsored by the Alter Family and Rabbi and Mrs Yossi and Muka Rodal.

Please join us.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to join us for this enjoyable and delicious gathering.  

Kiddush Sponsorship

The Beauty of Our Kiddush

Every week following services we enjoy a beautiful Kiddush luncheon together. Such an amazing Kiddush doesn’t create itself. Thank G-d, we have a dedicated Kiddush crew, led by Naomi Alter and including Channah Hale, Sheila Lebovitz, the Rebbetzin, and several others, who make our Kiddush into something beautiful and enjoyable. But it takes more than willing hands to make the food. It also takes generous souls to sponsor the food. Without a sponsor the cost must come out of our operating budget, which is already stretched thin as it is.

If you have been a beneficiary of the Kiddush and haven’t sponsored it for a while please step forward now. Even if you have recently sponsored and kind find it in your heart to sponsor it again we need you. Kiddush sponsorship starts at $180. But if you want something a bit more lavish with more variety you can add to that amount, and it is all, very much, appreciated. It is also a very big blessing that you have facilitated ‘Oneg Shabbat’ (the enjoyment of Shabbos) for the entire congregation! Our Shabbat prayers describe the special blessings achieved by such generosity!

Thank you and G-d bless!


Looking Ahead…

Sukkot – The Time of Our Joy & Shmini Atzeret & Simchat Torah

This coming week we kick the celebrations into an even higher gear as we celebrate Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah, where we dance with unlimited joy with our Torah Scrolls. The Perez family has again stepped forward to sponsor this amazing event and the banquet that follows the dancing. There is no charge to attend and these are the types of memories that children and adults will hold onto for a lifetime.

Please see our flier and full schedule below.

Simchat Torah Banquet – THIS MONDAY NIGHT

Our annual Simchat Torah Banquet, sponsored by Elias and Rachel Perez, is unequalled in its joyousness and splendor. Make sure to save the date so you can join us on Monday, October 1stat 7pm as we dance with the Torahs, enjoy a delicious feast, and say LeChaim to each other! There is never a charge to attend, and in fact, we are asking all of you, our friends, to invite your friends to join us as well!

Adult Education Academy

Classes Galore

We are excited to announce a full Adult Education lineup for the Fall. Please see the enclosed calendar for the schedule. Below you will find a brief summary of our many offerings.

Happiness 101 with Rabbi Rodal – Come explore the secrets explained in Kabbalah and Chasidic Philosophy in achieving true happiness and fulfillment on an ongoing basis. No Charge

Basic Hebrew Reading with Rabbi Yossi will have you reading Hebrew in no time! Basic explanations and translation of Hebrew included. No Charge

JLI: Wrestling with Faith , taught by Rabbi & Mrs Eilfort is the next installment of our acclaimed Jewish Learning Institute. This six-week course will tackle some of the most difficult challenges facing those who want to believe.

Torah Portion with Rabbi Eilfort is the ideal time to familiarize yourself with the weekly portion. Commentaries abound and discussions often go deep. No Charge

Introduction to Judaism with Rabbi Elia is a great opportunity to learn many of the whys & wherefores of our faith. Learn what Jews actually believe. No Charge

Shabbat SD Comes to North County

The weekend of Friday Oct. 26th – Sunday, Oct. 28th has been designated Shabbat SD weekend. Join us as we offer a series of events to celebrate Shabbat, and the central role it plays in Jewish Life. Friday night we are offering two places to enjoy a traditional meal; in La Costa, with Rabbi Eilfort and in Encinitas with Rabbi Elia. There is NO CHARGE to attend, however, donations are gratefully accepted and sponsors are currently being sought. On Saturday we will have a special Kiddush luncheon and the Rabbi will discuss the brilliance and beauty of Shabbat.

On Sunday we will have a very special Glow Zone Havdalah Party   Join us for a Family Havdalah Glow Party! Craft your own spice sachet and braided candle. Snacks provided. Free admission for all to the Havdalah Workshop. Purchase discounted passes to Glow Zone at $13 for 1 hour of unlimited attractions limited to the first 50 participants.  

Online waiver for Glowzone (fill ahead of time)

Doris Markus

Rosh Chodesh Gathering

All women are invited to participate in the monthly Rosh Chodesh gathering. This month’s event is titled ‘The Power of Women’ and will explore the spiritual connection to the moon. Moon lanterns will be made. The class will meet at 7pm on Tuesday, October 9th. Please contact the shul for further info and to reserve.

Sukkot Schedule


Shabbat Chol Hamoed



Friday, Sept. 28, 2018

Light Shabbat Candles at 6:19 pm


Saturday, Sept. 29, 2018

Morning Services: 10:00 am

Shabbat Ends at 7:13 pm


Hoshana Rabbah


Sunday, Sept. 30 2018

Morning Services: 8:30 am




Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018

Light Candles at 6:17 pm

Evening Services: 6:00 pm

Followed by Kiddush & Hakafot


Monday, Oct. 1, 2018

Morning Services: 10:00 am

Yizkor Memorial Service: 12:00 pm

Evening Services: 7:00 pm

Followed by Grand Banquet & Hakafot

Light Candles* after 7:01 pm


Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018

Morning Services: 10:00 am

Followed by Kiddush & Hakafot

Holiday Ends at 7:09 pm


* Light only from a pre-existing flame

*The Chabad Sukkah is available to those who wish to eat in a kosher sukkah during the holiday.

New Membership Year: Time to Sign Up

Please note that our membership year ended on June 30th. If you made the commitment to be a member in the past year but have not yet paid your membership dues please come current immediately. You may contact the office to find out the status of your account or write to

Also, please note that the Chabad at La Costa Membership year began on July 1st. We are asking that all of our friends and supporters fill out and return the enclosed Membership Application Form as soon as possible.

We rely on Membership as the single most important source of revenue for our Jewish Center. If our shul has helped you or if you believe in what we are doing, please “make it official,” and become a Member.

Remember, “Membership has its privileges!” Those who are already Members please accept our most sincere appreciation, and please send in your forms. There is no charge for members to attend High Holiday Services.

Dear Friends,

How do we teach our children, keep the lights on, hold services, give classes, share counsel, host guests, visit the sick, provide meals, and help the needy?

We are able to do these things by virtue of your support.

Can we count on you now, as we begin a new year?

We are asking our friends to please make a financial commitment to our Jewish Center, which serves as our spiritual home and sanctuary.

Can you pledge $50 per month, $100 per month, *$150 per month, $180 per month, or some other amount? The calculation is really quite simple; the more financial assistance you are able to provide the more services we can provide. It is important to note that we have no outside sources of revenue – we must befinancially self-sufficient.

On the reverse of this page you will find our yearly commitment form. Consider an opportunity to invest in your Jewish home and the future of Judaism. You don’t have to wait to mail back your response. You can, right now, log onto our secure website and make a monthly commitment to our spiritual home for the present and future.

Please be as generous as you can!

May you and your family be inscribed and sealed in the Book of Life!


Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort

PS Those who make a monthly commitment of at least $150 or a yearly commitment of at least $1,800 will be part of our newly forming ‘Chai Club’. There will be quarterly special events, like gourmet meals, a special display and other ‘perks’ to acknowledge our Chai Club members.

Hebrew School & C-Kids

Growing Stronger

Coastal Hebrew School takes place in our newly renovated space.  7740-E El Camino Real, Carlsbad (storefront location).

This month, on Sunday, October 21st, our C-Kids will hold a Birthday Bash for the ages! Our Club members will party like it’s their birthday, as they learn all about the birthday they never knew that they had; their Jewish birthday. Participants will create their own Hebrew Art Calendar, decorate a framed certificate of their special day, and take home their very own Birthday Box. And then, to top it all off, they will be able to team up with a friend for some Birthday-Pie in the Face trivia games! Yum!

The Ultimate Birthday Bash is made possible by CKids Club—an initiative that inspires children to create meaningful impact in their communities through fun and educational programs that explore the richness of Judaism.

Designed for ages 5-13, the event will be held on October 21stfrom 10 am to Noon.

To unleash your child’s thirst for Jewish learning while having fun please check out

Hebrew School Registration

Give your children the Jewish education that they deserve! OurSunday Hebrew School offers lots of hands-on activities and positive reinforcement. Students learn Hebrew language skills, Jewish living and observance, Jewish history, and so much more! We include arts & crafts, field trips, and holiday programming to make their experience even more enjoyable. Your child will have fun as he or she gains an appreciation for the ‘why’s and ‘how’s of Judaism. Our students want to be here!

Hebrew school is scheduled to begin on Sunday, September 2nd. Classes will continue to take place at our newly renovated Educational Annex, 7740-E El Camino Real. Please contact our Hebrew School Director, Morah Chaya Eilfort for info at, or log onto

Work with Me! A New Way for New Parents to Get Work Done

We are excited to announce the opening of Work with Me! Conceived of and designed by our own Rebbetzin Chaya Eilfort with assistance from Rabbi Elia Eilfort and Rebbetzin Nechama Eilfort, Work with Me is a place where parents with little ones can go to get work done.

We have completely refurbished and updated our Educational Annex, 7740-E El Camino Real, making it into a space where ‘stay-at-home’ working parents can share space with others in like circumstances. What makes our space special is the assistance we will offer with the little ones.

The plan includes having several designated private desks, a long bar counter table facing the wall, and a high-rise sit/stand table in the middle of the space. There will also be a couple of cozy work nooks, a nursing lounge, a restroom with changing table, a printer/copier, access to a refrigerator/freezer, microwave, coffee machine, and Wifi.

The area for the children will feature a baby zone, a soft play climbing area with ball pit and slide, a quiet reading corner, a train table, manipulative toy zone, and an art zone. We also hope to incorporate a chalk wall, a magnet wall, and a Lego wall.

Regarding pricing there will be hourly, daily, and monthly plans available, affording the customer maximum flexibility. This will enable her to just drop in, stay for a day, or using this space as her regular work space.

To get a better idea check out

Haftarah Overview

By Gabbai Harold Reisman


Shabbat Chol Ha’Moed Sukkot

Ezekiel  38:17-39:16

A central theme of the Haftorah can be found in v. 38:23, "I will be magnified, sanctified, and known in the eyes of many nations, and they will know that I am the Lord." In the vision of Ezekiel, these events preclude the penultimate act in the redemption performed by Hashem. In Chazal, Gog ceased being king of a nation called Magog; instead both figures are forces of nations that will conduct joint operations against Israel. Gog and Magog are a combined type of anti-Moshiach. In the end, there is a final and total destruction of the enemies and complete victory of Hashem. 

Sukkot is a festival of joy and rejoicing; it is fitting that we read of the final devastation of the enemies of Hashem and Israel. The defeat of the great enemies of Hashem is a sanctification of the Name and so Ezekiel relates the event to Sukkot when all the world recognizes Hashem as King.

Shmini Atzeret

I Kings  8:54-9:1

This Haftarah is read only outside Israel. The day is called "Atzeret" or convocation assembly. "Atzeret" means the obligation to pause or stop in a holy place and serve Hashem with prayer and study. In this way, prayer, study and mitzvot permeate the rejoicing. Other examples called "atzeret" are the seventh day of Pesach as well as Shavuot. The essence of the Haftarah is the prayer of King Solomon on behalf of the people just before they left for home. The prayer has no material requests but only gives thanks for the many kindnesses of Hashem along with the hope that the people will continue to observe the ordnances and commandments given them. May we, too, be spiritually uplifted to be able to face the coming year.

Simchat Torah

Joshua  1:1-18

The Haftarah for V'zot Hab'rachah is also read on this holiday. Just as the Haftarah deals with the end of one era and the major transition to another, so Simchat Torah is the end of one annual reading and the start of another cycle. The transition from Moses to Joshua meant a major transition from Hashem's bounty and miracles in the desert. Now, in Israel, the people would have to achieve through material and natural ways. The Haftarah notes "be strong and firm" while Hashem offers His spiritual strength. As we begin the new cycle of Torah readings, we, too, must use what renewed understanding of the past weeks we have learned to set standards in our own lives for appropriate spirituality in the coming year. The message to Joshua refunds every year, especially after experiencing the Days of Awe. Making a true commitment is only the first step. Now we must live what we have learned and absorbed.

Weekly Class Schedule – Classes Resume

Wednesday 6:45pm: Torah Portion of the Week

Wednesday 8pm: Chasidic Philosophy

Thursday 6pm – Judaism 101 with Rabbi Elia in Encinitas

Special Wishes

SPECIAL MAZEL TOV wishes go out to Rabbi and Mrs Yossi and Dassy Eilfort and the entire Eilfort family on the occasion of the Upshernish (3rd birthday and first hair-cutting) of their son Michoel Dovid.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes go out to Karen Wexhler, Rabbi Yossi Rodal, Barry Infeld, and Michoel Dovid Eilfort, and all of those celebrating their birthdays this week!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY wishes go out to all of those celebrating their anniversaries this week!

WE REMEMBER Mark Cohen, Dr. Ira Levine, Rudolph Falkenstein, and Colonel Albert Walden, and all of those who have Yarzeit this week.

May Fran Sekela and Roz Mintz be blessed with a full and complete recovery!


A Comm-Unity for You (and Me)


Belonging to a Jewish Community is not only gratifying and fulfilling it is also extremely important, for within the community one finds a place to connect with G-d and one’s soul, a place of learning and spiritual enrichment, a great source of friends, a place to bestow one’s Jewish legacy upon his or her child/ren, and so much more. Check out to learn more. 


The beauty of OUR Jewish Community is that we offer so many different options that everyone is sure to find something enriching and meaningful. Below please find a partial list of some of our current offerings. If you have never come by before pick an item or two and try it out. If you have already tried an item or two find another one that sounds interesting and give it a whirl. “Connection” – that is the name of the game and that is precisely what you will find here!


*Daily Minyan   *Shabbat Services   *Weekly Kiddush Luncheon   *Mysticism Classes   *Torah Portion Class   *Hebrew School   *Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training   *Mommy and Me   *Family Friday Night Services and Dinner   *Women’s Group   *Youth Activities   *Pastoral Counseling   *Holiday Programming   *Community Meals   *Hospital Visitation   *Weekly Email Updates   *Hospital Visitation   *Mezuzah Campaign   *Jewish Heritage Workshops   *Jewish Learning Institute Affiliate


Need a Minyan?

If you need a Minyan to say Kaddish please give the office at least a few days’ notice. We are happy to provide this important service, but it takes time to arrange enough participants to assure the quorum is present. Please email info@ChabadatLaCosta.comyour request.

Create Your Jewish Legacy Plan for the Future - NOW


We have been blessed with life! Yet, we know that no one lives forever. This begs the question, “What will be your legacy?” Most of us have children, and they certainly should figure prominently into our plans. But our children are only a part of what we leave behind. Just as we endeavor to give Tzedakah generously, so as to selflessly make the world a better place while we are alive, so too we need to make sure that we leave a percentage of our estates for the benefit of others. Judaism tells us that it is incumbent upon us to leave the world better than when we found it. We do this by giving Tzedakah.


We can help.


 Many people do not prepare appropriately for the inevitable. They do not leave a will, or even if they do it is not consistent with Jewish Law. If one wants his body to be handled with the respect and care mandated by Jewish Law or if one wants the funeral service conducted according to Jewish Law, it must be arranged in advance. Don’t leave these critical details to luck!


Contact Rabbi Eilfort for a private appointment so these important matters can be handled how you want. Send a personal email to to schedule an appointment today.


Shabbat Services with Meaning & Joy

Every Saturday we get together to celebrate the holy Shabbat in song and prayer. Our services are both traditional and user-friendly, as we fully recognize that not everyone has experience ‘Davening’ (praying) in a traditional setting. What those who have joined have found is that the atmosphere in our synagogue is conducive to meaningful meditation. A knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary to participate. In fact, the only thing that is needed is the desire to learn and to connect to the Almighty. It is an enriching experience not to be missed! Shabbat services begin at10am and conclude at approximately 12:30pm and are followed by a wonderful community lunch. There is no cost to attend and reservations are not needed.

Hebrew School - Hebrew School THIS WEEK

Give your children the Jewish education that they deserve! OurSunday Hebrew School offers lots of hands-on activities and positive reinforcement. Students learn Hebrew language skills, Jewish living and observance, Jewish history, and so much more! We include arts & crafts, field trips, and holiday programming to make their experience even more enjoyable. Your child will have fun as he or she gains an appreciation for the ‘why’s and ‘how’s of Judaism. Our students want to be here!

Please contact our Hebrew School Director, Morah Nechama Eilfort or Morah Chaya Eilfort for further

Omni La Costa Resort Welcomes Chabad at La Costa Guests

We are pleased that our world-famous neighbor, the Omni La Costa Resort, has extended a special program offering all sorts of perks to those who book using the ‘Chabad’ code when booking. The special terms include the lowest room rate available, a reduced resort fee of $15.00 (normally $28.00) and complimentary self-parking (savings of $18.00 per car per day).  The resort’s deposit requirement is waived for Chabad guests as well as the three-day cancellation policy.  Chadad guests may cancel until 6pm on the day of arrival to avoid a charge of one night’s room and tax.

To book your room at the special Chabad rate, call toll-free 800-854-5000 or book online at  Or you can find more information or book through our Follow the link for Visitor Information.


To date more than 450 people have used the Chabad code this past year (2017)! Many people have expressed gratitude at having such world-class facilities in such close and convenient proximity to our Shul, and the joy at being to stay at the Omni and walk to Chabad for Shabbat services.


Memorial Plaques & Tree of Life Plaques Available

Our beautiful Memorial Boards have been installed. We specifically designed our custom-built bookcases to ‘frame’ each of the boards. The first Memorial Board was dedicated by the Brunelle Family and the new Board was dedicated by the Alter Family.

We are currently offering Memorial Plaques to those who wish to perpetually honor the memory of a loved one in a most dignified and permanent manner. Those who dedicate Memorial Plaques will also receive yearly reminders of the Yarzeit and the light on the Board will be illuminated each year on the Yarzeit.

We also have a gorgeous Tree of Life dedicated by the Lieberman Family that has been ‘growing’. The purpose of the plaques on the Tree of Life is to commemorate joyous occasions (like Bar/Bat Mitzvah, anniversaries, special birthdays, weddings etc.).

The donation is only $500 per plaque for the Memorial Board or $180 for the Tree of Life. Those who wish to participate should send an email to, or call Rabbi Eilfort at 760-943-8891.

Cell Phones & Chatting During Services

Needless to say the sanctuary on Shabbat or holidays is a place that must be conducive to reflective prayers and serenity. To help keep it this way, please refrain from engaging in any conversations during services and please do not bring in your cell phone. Thank you for your cooperation.

Shul Etiquette

Those who join us regularly for Shabbat services will agree that we have something very special going. The family-friendly atmosphere is unique and most inviting. We welcome everyone as though he/she is a long time member of the family.

At the same time it is important to remember that we are a synagogue. Our sanctuary is meant to be a place where it is conducive to finding inner peace and tranquility. That is why the Rabbis have many laws concerning the decorum of a shul.

It is appropriate to dress modestly and to dress somewhat formally in shul. Men should wear button down shirts, slacks (no jeans or shorts), with jackets and even ties when possible. Of course the head is to be kept covered at all times. Women should wear skirts that go past the knees and blouses with high neck lines and sleeves that cover the elbows. Married women should wear hats and the like.

Children must be supervised at all times by the parents except during Junior Congregation (11:30am). While we want the children to have a great time together it is also important that they do not become so wild and/or boisterous that they disturb those of us who are participating in the services.

We must remember that we should walk to shul and never park in the parking lot if there already eight cars parked. Finally, and we fully realize this goes against Jewish DNA, it is appropriate to come to shul ON TIME. While we know everyone is vying to be counted as the 10th, we are equally sure Hashem will give extra credit to those who come ON TIME at 10am (not to be confused with 11:30). We look forward to seeing you here!

Please Patronize Our Sponsors

Your Chabad Real Estate Agent & Mortgage Broker

Jonathan Rozansky is a licensed realtor and mortgage professional.

Whether you are Selling, Buying or Refinancing your home, do not proceed without calling Jonathan Rozansky first.  Jonathan will look out for your best interest and can answer all your real estate and financing questions.   Call for a free market analysis report today.


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