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Volume 21 Number 43 | Av 10, 5780 | July 31, 2020

Friday, 31 July, 2020 - 4:14 pm


Chabad Weekly Update

Volume 21 Number 43 | Av 10, 5780 | July 31, 2020

This week we observe the fast of Tisha B’av, commemorating the destruction of the two Holy Temples in Jerusalem. It has been a day of collective mourning for the Jewish people for centuries, as we pray for the return of Jewish glory to the holy city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

The Talmud says that on the day that the Temple was destroyed, Moshiach - the redeemer of the Jewish people - was born. Every generation has an individual that can potentially be the Moshaich, and that year a child was born who could have been the one.

This serves as an important reminder that even when things are looking down for us—individually or collectively—we are guaranteed that G-d already has a solution in the making. He always prepares the “remedy” before the “illness.”

May this be the last time we observe Tisha B’av as a day of mourning; from now on it should be celebrated as the beginning of Redemption!

NO Services - Coronavirus is Spiking so We are Paused

No Services this Week

Coronavirus is Spiking so We are Pausing Until Safe

The shul IS NOT open for services this Shabbos due to the spike in coronavirus cases. We will, G-d willing, reopen as soon as it is deemed safe. 

Weekly Sermon Friday @ 5pm on Facebook Live

Join Rabbi Eilfort this afternoon at 5pm as he gives his weekly sermon as a Facebook Live event. If you have not already done so, please send Rabbi Eilfort (Yeruchem Eilfort) a Friend Request on Facebook!

Shabbat Nachamu

The Shabbat after the 9th of Av is called Shabbat Nachamu, so named because of the Haftarah, the reading from the Prophets. The word Nachamu means “You shall be comforted.” The word is actually repeated, which would then translate, “You will surely be comforted.” Our sages tell us it is repeated so that we should be comforted for the destruction of both Holy Temples (the first by the Babylonians and the second by the Romans).

Hashem knows, that we need an abundance of comforting! The Jewish people need to find comfort, indeed we are promised that we WILL find comfort THIS Shabbos!

But, and this is an important caveat, in order to find comfort we must make ourselves into a proper receptacle to receive it. This Shabbos let us all resolve to make ourselves ready to receive the comfort the Prophet promises, as we seek comfort from the Almighty.   

Membership – Will You Commit?

Dear Friends,

So far the year 2020 has been filled with opportunities. We have been presented with the opportunity to test ourselves as our country and our world has faced the devastation of the coronavirus pandemic. I know that I never thought that I would live in such times, and bet many of you feel the same. The health and wellbeing of each and every one of us has been severely threatened, the economy has undergone a tremendous shock, and a massive strain has been placed on our relationships and this community.

I learned in Yeshiva that tests are indeed opportunities, strange as that may sound. In Hebrew the same word for test, “Nisayon” is the root of the word for miracle, “Nes.” A Nes/miracle is when G-d suspends the rules of nature so as to reveal Himself in a supernatural way. Its root is to raise up. Therefore a test is an opportunity to raise ourselves up to a level otherwise inaccessible to us.

Our community, our beloved Chabad at La Costa, has not been immune to these opportunities. We have striven to rise to the occasion, and because of YOU we have risen to the occasion!

G-d bless all of you who have been instrumental in keeping us going. G-d bless those of you who despite (or perhaps because of) the coronavirus have stepped forward, dug deep, and made meaningful and ongoing contributions to our community.

What have your donations accomplished?

Your donations have fed many people spiritually and physically. Our lights are still on, spiritually and physically. We continue to be here for our community spiritually and physically. Our expenses have not decreased because of the pause in services. In fact, they have increased. Not only have many of our streams of income ceased (like catering and our barbecues, and Aliyah donations, and Hebrew school tuitions) but our expenses have increased as we continue to help people who face financial and spiritual crises. We are teaching more Torah, making more phone calls, counseling more people, and touching the lives of people in meaningful ways.  

We therefore turn to you with the following requests: if you need help, let us know! We will do our utmost to help. If you can help others, let us know! If you can find your way to make a monthly contribution to our joint endeavor please demonstrate your commitment by becoming a member now.

We are asking all of those who can – please make a monthly financial commitment to us, to the Jewish community of this area, so that we can continue to serve the Jewish community of this area. We have always been and must always be self-supportive. That means we need you to step forward at this time of great opportunity!

Despite our increased budget we are not increasing our membership rates. Please note that our membership rates are lower than other communities’. It is not that we offer less. In fact, we offer more than we ever have. Those who can afford it and want to give more than the minimum are our heroes!

Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. I will send you this year’s membership form. You can also securely donate immediately by following the link found below. You can choose to make your gift monthly, which is deeply appreciated!

G-d bless you and thank you so much for your friendship and support!

Rabbi Eilfort

Jewish Art Calendar

It is calendar season! Yes, we are running a bit late thanks to our ubiquitous friend the coronavirus. But never fear; we will again offer our gorgeous Jewish Art Calendar! Those who wish to sponsor the calendar, or run an ad/s, or dedicate a date are encouraged to reach out to our Rebbetzin Nechama via email at, or simply reply to this message for the calendar form.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

BBQ Picnic to GO

Watch your email for our Summer Kosher Food Program! BBQ Picnic to Go Family Special $72 for a family of FOUR. Starting this Sunday. (You can find more information on our website under the Visitor tab.)

Easy Fundraising Opportunity

First, let us take this opportunity to thank all of those who have had Facebook Birthday Fundraisers for Chabad at La Costa! I cannot tell you how much Nechama & I appreciate it! The money we have received through these fundraisers has helped our shul continue with programming, delivering soup and challah as well as other activities. 

Do you have a birthday coming up? We would be honored if you would consider making our shul the recipient of your birthday fundraiser.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to celebrate your birthday and do a wonderful Mitzvah at the same time? Thank you for your consideration and Happy Birthday!  

Chicken Soup, Challah Available

Those who live near Chabad at La Costa are welcome to let us know if you want some delicious Challah and/or Chicken Soup delivered to you on Friday to help you celebrate Shabbat in the most delicious way possible.

Please note that all food is prepared and delivered using recommended safeguards.

Sponsors Appreciated (And Needed)

These are extraordinary times. Many people are reaching out for help and, Baruch Hashem / thank G-d, we are HERE to help! ‘We’ means YOU and US, TOGETHER. It is an amazing partnership that we have!

We are extremely grateful to those who have reached out to help fund us, enabling us to serve others.

We would like to specifically acknowledge at this time:

Channah Hale for her generous sponsorship of the Challahs. Channah has been absolutely phenomenal in her generous sponsorships! We thank her for her kindness and love.

We are seeking additional sponsors for the following dedications:

Next week’s Loaves of Love.

Next week’s Chicken soup.

Next week’s Torah classes.

Note About Sponsorships

You may have noticed that we seek multiple sponsors for the Challah, Soup, and Torah classes. We do this because we need to find ways to cover our budgetary shortfall that has been caused by the coronavirus. The donations coming to the shul have been dramatically reduced. We greatly appreciate those of you who are still supporting us! G-d bless you! We greatly appreciate your understanding as we seek ways of propping up the income necessary to keep things afloat. Your ideas about additional income streams are likewise greatly appreciated!

Ways to Give

We would be nowhere without the generous support of our community. Please know that your support is profoundly appreciated!

There are many ways to donate besides for checks and cash. Following please find a list of the various other ‘platforms’ that are available for secure donations that go directly and entirely into the synagogue account.

1. PayPal or

2. Venmo @Nechama-Eilfort

3. Cashapp $nechamae

4. Zelle (Bank of America)

5. Personal credit card

Havdala Live with Rabbi Yossi

Join Rabbi Yossi Rodal on Facebook Live on Saturday night at 8:30pm for a meaningful Havdalah service. Following Havdalah Rabbi Yossi will share an uplifting Chasidic story as is traditional on Saturday night.

A Word of Torah

Living with the Times

Parshat Va’etchanan – And I Beseeched

By: Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort

This week we read the Torah Portion titled, ‘Va’Etchanan’, which means ‘And I beseeched.” This portion is full with meaning and significance, as it recounts the giving of the Aseret HaDibrot / 10 Commandments and the Shma Yisroel / Hear O Israel. These passages are monumental and have literally changed not only the trajectory of the Jewish people, but of the entire world.

The Shma clearly and decisively demonstrates the Oneness of G-d; that He not only created the world and everything in it, but also that He is a personal G-d, involved in the daily details of our lives. The 10 Commandments emphasize the importance of acknowledging the One, True G-d, as well as G-d’s divine commandments. They bring into sharp relief the sanctity of the individual human life, human relationships, property rights, and even our attitude towards the possessions of others. In other words, it offers us the foundational necessities of society. Its laws are in stark contrast to the accepted norms of those days, when humanity lived strictly by the dictate of ‘survival of the fittest,’ making humanity comparable to the animal kingdom, and what humanity has (hopefully) evolved into, a society that cares for and insures justice for its weak and oppressed equally with the powerful.

However, there is one small passage that I wish to focus on this week. The Torah states, “You shall do what is fair and good in the eyes of G-d, so that it will be good for you, and you shall come and possess the good land that G-d swore to your forefathers…” (Deut. 6:18). The classic commentary simply explains the words, “fair and good,” as meaning, “compromise and going beyond the letter of the law.”

These days debates are raging about a whole host of issues. Our country is clearly divided. Protests are ‘flourishing’ and wanton destruction of many cities abounds. Fierce debates regarding our rights versus our responsibilities are ubiquitous.

As Jews should we be keenly aware of our Constitutional rights? The answer is that no people has a more profound interest in jealously guarding our rights than we Jews have. We have been victimized by everyone from lone gunmen to entire governments. Here, in the United States, described by the Rebbe as a “Nation of lovingkindness,” we have been largely spared systemic oppression and allowed to freely flourish, which has resulted in America’s Jewish community achieving unprecedented blessings.

With that being said, as individuals, it would seem that the words of Rashi mentioned above should inform our daily lives and the choices we make.

There is a Constitutional ‘right,’ and there is the ‘right’ thing to do. Both are important! But the Torah tells us to seek compromise and to go beyond the letter of the law. Compromise only applies when there are two oppositional positions. Going beyond the letter of the law means being willing to forgo what may be rightfully yours (in order to help someone who needs it).

Let us focus on doing what is fair and good, even when that means adjusting our personal claims. That doesn’t mean our rights aren’t important! It means that sometimes our rights do not insure fairness nor goodness, both of which lead us to the ultimate reward, as the passage continues, “so that it will be good for you…” (emphasis added).  

Wishing everyone an uplifting, joyous, and HEALTHY Shabbos!

Haftarah Thought

From:  Isaiah 40:1–26 

This week’s haftorah is the first of a series of seven “haftarot of Consolation.” These seven haftarot commence on the Shabbat following Tisha B’Av and continue until Rosh Hashanah.

This section of Isaiah begins with G‑d’s exhortation to the prophets: “Console, O console My people . . . Announce to Jerusalem that her period of exile has been fulfilled and that her sins have been forgiven.”

Isaiah’s prophecy describes some of the miraculous events that will unfold with the onset of the messianic era, such as the return of the exiles to Jerusalem, the revelation of G‑d’s glory, and the rewards and retribution that will then be meted out.

The prophet then goes on to comfort the people, describing G‑d’s power and might, and reassuring them of His care for His people.


OUR HEARTFELT CONDOLENCES are extended to the families of the victims of the coronavirus! We pray for the day when the Almighty will remove death and suffering from humanity. May it come speedily in our day!

SPEEDY RECOVERY wishes are extended to all of those who are suffering from the coronavirus. May you be granted a complete and speedy recovery! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes go out to Eric Mintz, Keith Mintz and all of those celebrating their birthdays this week!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY wishes go out to  all of those celebrating their anniversaries this week!

WE REMEMBER all of those who have Yarzeit this week.

May Channah Hale, Sheila Lebovitz, Camille Stern, Rhonda Bloom, Adam Lemberger, Sandy Radom and Roz Mintz be blessed with a speedy and complete recovery!

Get Some Class

We have an ever-expanding menu of online learning opportunities for everyone. Below please find an overview of our current classes and a schedule of when you can join in on Facebook Live. If you miss the live class you can watch the recorded version, either on Facebook or on YouTube (our channel is called the Chabad Virtual Academy).

If you cannot get the classes online please email us at and we will work out a different arrangement.

Rabbi Eilfort Published Weekly by the San Diego Jewish World

Our own Rabbi Eilfort is submitting weekly columns on the Torah Portion of the Week and other subjects, which are published by the San Diego Jewish World (

Rabbi Eilfort always enjoy hearing feedback about his articles, so please don’t be shy!

Please check the shul’s Facebook page for information on live broadcasts.

Coastal Chabads are here for YOU

Belonging to a Jewish Community is not only gratifying and fulfilling it is also extremely important, for within the community one finds a place to connect with G-d and one’s soul, a place of learning and spiritual enrichment, a great source of friends, a place to bestow one’s Jewish legacy upon his or her child/ren, and so much more. Check out to learn more. 

The beauty of OUR Jewish Community is that we offer so many different options that everyone is sure to find something enriching and meaningful. Below please find a partial list of some of our current offerings. If you have never come by before pick an item or two and try it out. If you have already tried an item or two find another one that sounds interesting and give it a whirl. “Connection” – that is the name of the game and that is precisely what you will find here! 

*Daily Minyan   *Shabbat Services   *Weekly Kiddush Luncheon   *Mysticism Classes   *Torah Portion Class   *Hebrew School   *Bar/Bat Mitzvah Training   *Mommy and Me   *Family Friday Night Services and Dinner   *Women’s Group   *Youth Activities   *Pastoral Counseling   *Holiday Programming   *Community Meals   *Hospital Visitation   *Weekly Email Updates   *Hospital Visitation   *Mezuzah Campaign   *Jewish Heritage Workshops   *Jewish Learning Institute Affiliate * *Chabad of Carlsbad N


Need a Minyan?

If you need a Minyan to say Kaddish please give the office at least a few days’ notice. We are happy to provide this important service, but it takes time to arrange enough participants to assure the quorum is present. Please email your request.

Shabbat Services with Meaning & Joy

Every Saturday we get together to celebrate the holy Shabbat in song and prayer. Our services are both traditional and user-friendly, as we fully recognize that not everyone has experience ‘Davening’ (praying) in a traditional setting. What those who have joined have found is that the atmosphere in our synagogue is conducive to meaningful meditation. A knowledge of Hebrew is not necessary to participate. In fact, the only thing that is needed is the desire to learn and to connect to the Almighty. It is an enriching experience not to be missed! Shabbat services begin at 10am and conclude at approximately 12:30pm and are followed by a wonderful community lunch. There is no cost to attend and reservations are not needed.

Hebrew School & C-Kids

Give your children the Jewish education that they deserve! Our Sunday Hebrew School offers lots of hands-on activities and positive reinforcement. Students learn Hebrew language skills, Jewish living and observance, Jewish history, and so much more! We include arts & crafts, field trips, and holiday programming to make their experience even more enjoyable. Your child will have fun as he or she gains an appreciation for the ‘why’s and ‘how’s of Judaism. Currently Distance Learning with Zoom! Our students want to be here!

Please contact our Hebrew School Director, Morah Chaya Eilfort for info at

Omni La Costa Resort Welcomes Chabad at La Costa Guests

We are pleased that our world-famous neighbor, the Omni La Costa Resort, has extended a special program offering all sorts of perks to those who book using the ‘Chabad’ code when booking. The special terms include the lowest room rate available, a reduced resort fee of $15.00 (normally $28.00) and complimentary self-parking (savings of $18.00 per car per day).  The resort’s deposit requirement is waived for Chabad guests as well as the three-day cancellation policy.  Chadad guests may cancel until 6pm on the day of arrival to avoid a charge of one night’s room and tax.

To book your room at the special Chabad rate, call toll-free 800-854-5000 or book online at  Or you can find more information or book through our website: Follow the link for Visitor Information.

More than 500 people use the Chabad code each year ! Many people have expressed gratitude at having such world-class facilities in such close and convenient proximity to our Shul, and the joy at being to stay at the Omni and walk to Chabad for Shabbat services.


Create Your Jewish Legacy Plan for the Future - NOW

We have been blessed with life! Yet, we know that no one lives forever. This begs the question, “What will  your legacy be?” Most of us have children, and they certainly should figure prominently into our plans. But our children are only a part of what we leave behind. Just as we endeavor to give Tzedakah generously, so as to selflessly make the world a better place while we are alive, so too we need to make sure that we leave a percentage of our estates for the benefit of others. Judaism tells us that it is incumbent upon us to leave the world better than when we found it. We do this by giving Tzedakah.

We can help.

Many people do not prepare appropriately for the inevitable. They do not leave a will, or even if they do it is not consistent with Jewish Law. If one wants his body to be handled with the respect and care mandated by Jewish Law or if one wants the funeral service conducted according to Jewish Law, it must be arranged in advance. Don’t leave these critical details to luck!

Contact Rabbi Eilfort for a private appointment so these important matters can be handled how you want. Send a personal email to to schedule an appointment today. Click here for a Declaration of Intent and more information.


Memorial Plaques & Tree of Life Plaques Available

Our beautiful Memorial Boards have been installed. We specifically designed our custom-built bookcases to ‘frame’ each of the boards. The first Memorial Board was dedicated by the Brunelle Family and the new Board was dedicated by the Alter Family.

We are currently offering Memorial Plaques to those who wish to perpetually honor the memory of a loved one in a most dignified and permanent manner. Those who dedicate Memorial Plaques will also receive yearly reminders of the Yarzeit and the light on the Board will be illuminated each year on the Yarzeit.

We also have a gorgeous Tree of Life dedicated by the Lieberman Family that has been ‘growing’. The purpose of the plaques on the Tree of Life is to commemorate joyous occasions (like Bar/Bat Mitzvah, anniversaries, special birthdays, weddings etc.).

The donation is only $500 per plaque for the Memorial Board or $180 for the Tree of Life. Those who wish to participate should send an email to, or call Rabbi Eilfort at 760-943-8891.

Shul Etiquette

Those who join us regularly for Shabbat services will agree that we have something very special going. The family-friendly atmosphere is unique and most inviting. We welcome everyone as though he/she is a long time member of the family.

At the same time it is important to remember that we are a synagogue. Our sanctuary is meant to be a place where it is conducive to finding inner peace and tranquility. That is why the Rabbis have many laws concerning the decorum of a shul.

It is appropriate to dress modestly and to dress somewhat formally in shul. Men should wear button down shirts, slacks (no jeans or shorts), with jackets and even ties when possible. Of course the head is to be kept covered at all times. Women should wear skirts that go past the knees and blouses with high neck lines and sleeves that cover the elbows. Married women should wear hats and the like.

Children must be supervised at all times by the parents except during Junior Congregation (11:30am). While we want the children to have a great time together it is also important that they do not become so wild and/or boisterous that they disturb those of us who are participating in the services.

We must remember that we should walk to shul and never park in the parking lot if there already eight cars parked. Finally, and we fully realize this goes against Jewish DNA, it is appropriate to come to shul ON TIME. While we know everyone is vying to be counted as the 10th, we are equally sure Hashem will give extra credit to those who come ON TIME at 10am (not to be confused with 11:30). We look forward to seeing you here!

Cell Phones & Chatting During Services

Needless to say the sanctuary on Shabbat or holidays is a place that must be conducive to reflective prayers and serenity. To help keep it this way, please refrain from engaging in any conversations during services and please do not bring in your cell phone. Thank you for your cooperation.

Critical Maintenance Issue – Your Cooperation Needed

PLEASE NOTE: The ONLY thing that may be flushed is toilet paper – NO EXCEPTIONS. This means tissue, baby wipes, paper towels, or any other product may NEVER be flushed, but instead must be disposed of in the provided trash receptacles.

THANK YOU for your cooperation!

and let them know you saw it here

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It's almost all the same, until you have a claim!

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Your Chabad Real Estate Agent & Mortgage Broker

Jonathan Rozansky is a licensed realtor and mortgage professional.

Whether you are Selling, Buying or Refinancing your home, do not proceed without calling Jonathan Rozansky first.  Jonathan will look out for your best interest and can answer all your real estate and financing questions.   Call for a free market analysis report today.

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Center for Hormonal Health and Well-Being ">is a personalized, proactive, patient-centered medical practice with a unique focus on Integrative Endocrinology. Dr. Danielle Weiss takes a holistic approach to the patient and their health condition. She harnesses the physical, social, and spiritual aspects of healing. Dr. Weiss prides herself on spending time truly listening to your concerns and needs. She uses a team approach to develop a plan to address these issues together.

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Dream Home Cinema

*Family Room Surround
*Wholesale House Audio
*Home Automation

Joseph Markowitz: 760-415-8742

Pammy's Pony Parties and Petting Zoos

I am a small Jewish farmer running my business in La Costa  called Pammy's Pony Parties and Petting Zoo. I arrive with my animals at little children's birthday parties, senior homes,  graduation parties, and resorts in the area, to share my love of animals. I also do animal therapy with children and adults. Fantastic!! Call me to make an appointment or set up a birthday party.

Pam Glickman 760-535-5293

Cost Effective Advertising Available HERE

Hundreds of people see Chabad at La Costa's Weekly Email Update. Those who are looking to effectively promote their business and at the same time support this important community resource are invited to become sponsors for only $50 per month (that's per MONTH, not per week). Call Rabbi Eilfort at 760-943-8891 to get your message out there.

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