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  • ClassesJoin our weekly or bi-weekly classes. We have a class for everyone, whether it is one-on-one or in a group setting. Virtual classes available as well. Read More
  • Membership MattersTogether we have built a very special community! Our many guests comment on how close-knit we are, how loving we are, and how beautiful our facility is. We have accomplished this together. The Team here at Chabad is here for you and for the general community because of your support. Join
  • Upcoming Holiday/EventJuly 4th Celebration
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  • Women's EventsOngoing programs designed for the contemporary Jewish women See more info
  • Legacy GivingMany families are taking this time at home to share stories while reflecting on the past, considering the present, and planning for the future. This is a perfect time to Create your Jewish Legacy. More Info
  • Jewish Learning InstituteStudying shouldn’t be hard or boring! We enhance all our classes with rich content & interactive exercises that’ll have you learning faster and easier than ever. Whether you’re a visual, verbal, or physical learner, we’ve got something for you. Learn more
  • Hebrew SchoolSafe, secure, in-person, Sunday School Hebrew School program. Sign up NOW.
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  • I'm a Rabbi and I'm BlackYossi Kulek, a Chabad on Campus rabbi, shares how the Rebbe's guidance helped him overcome racism. Read More
  • What Can the Hebrew Word "Geulah" Teach You?The Line Between Exile and Redemption Read More

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