Starting after the Holidays
Mondays at 12pm

@ The Starbucks in Target, Encinitas 1010 N El Camino Real Encinitas CA 92024 

Our Rebbetzin, Nechama Eilfort, has been described as an outstanding teacher with an incredible depth and breadth of knowledge. This class, which is geared to women, covers numerous issues including analysis of seminal works of Jewish Philosophy like "Towards a Meaningful Life: The Wisdom of the Rebbe," and "Gateways to Happiness."

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:Caffeine for the Soul - Target Starbucks in Encinitas Towne Center NOON ongoing


Women's Topics, Toward a Meaningful Life, Gateways to Happiness, The Creation of Adam and Chava, the Thirteen Principles of Faith, Mikvah, the Living Waters,The Mystical Symbology of the Jewish Month, Kosher laws, A Timeline through Jewish History - From Chava to ME


"Tall, soy latte, please. With a shot of caffeinated Torah study." 

Join this caffeinated conversation.