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  • Dear Honored Guest,

    We are delighted that you wish to be a guest at our wonderful neighbor, the Omni! The Omni has graciously offered our guests this generous discount because the Omni believes in being a good neighbor. We are most appreciative of their hospitality!

    We have spent decades cultivating our relationship. The reason this works is because of our mutual respect and admiration. I am telling you this so you understand just how important this relationship is to us, and to ask you to please act accordingly. The Chabad code is proprietary. It is for Chabad’s guests staying at the Omni. It is not for general dissemination. While we are happy for YOU to use it, it is not intended nor designed to be spread around (like the AAA discount code). Please respect our code.

    Regrettably there have been people who have abused the Omni by damaging their property and disregarding their rules, which are in place to maintain the safety of the guests, the cleanliness of the property, and to insure that other guests are not negatively impacted. There have also been instances of our code users disrespecting the Omni staff, who are all professional, efficient, and courteous. Needless to say this is a ‘Chillul Hashem’, a desecration of G-d’s name, and is strictly forbidden. We cannot tolerate this type of behavior.

    We have therefore decided to clearly spell out what those who use the Chabad code cannot do, and by using our code they are agreeing to keep these conditions.

    You are responsible for your own actions and those of your children. You are responsible for any property you may damage. You must scrupulously keep all safety and cleanliness guidelines of the Resort. For instance; no cooking is allowed in the rooms, which is incredibly dangerous to all guests. As an aside, we are proud to offer wonderful, freshly prepared, strictly Kosher food options, and you can even eat here! Many people have brought food into their rooms and then were upset when they become inundated with ants. It is far better not to bring in food at all.

    There have been a few families that did not adhere to these rules, got injured and caused damage or ruined the vacation of others. Our facility has also suffered damage from out-of-town visitors. They have been black-listed and are not welcome to return, which is very sad. It is our and the Omni’s most fervent wish to welcome you, our most honored guests and future friends!

    We need to work as partners to insure a pleasant experience for everyone. As our Sages taught, "Do not do unto others that which you do not want done unto you." It’s simple; treat the Omni and its employees the way you wish to be treated and how you would want guests to act in your home. And please do the same when dealing with Chabad property and staff.

    To receive your code please click below affirming your commitment to keep to its letter and spirit.

    THANK YOU again for reaching out! I am looking forward to personally greeting you soon!


     Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort

  • Chabad at La Costa is proud to partner with the world famous Omni La Costa Resort & Spa in providing a significant discount on their room rate by using the "Chabad" code. The Omni is located directly adjacent (about a ten minute stroll on a private road, see Walking Map) to our tastefully decorated campus that features a beautiful sanctuary and catering kitchen, as well as a gorgeous outdoor breezeway and patios overlooking theBatiquitos Lagoon.

    Following please find the benefits of using the Chabad code during booking: 

    •    Resort fee reduced
    •    Self-parking reduced 

    •    Complimentary WiFi
    •    Discounts off golf (please contact us for discount code)
    *One Bedroom and Family Suites available at 30% off the daily rate
    Villas previous available at prevailing rate, now available at 15% off the daily rate
    Please enter your information above to receive an email with the link to the Omni reservations page. You will need to enter the code in the Promo/Corporate Code drop down. When you do book please let us know that you are coming! We love to welcome our guests and it helps us when we know you are on the way. 

    We also want our guests to understand and appreciate how grateful we are to the Omni. They go out of their way to take special care of our guests, giving upgraded rooms for discounted prices. Please, when you are there (especially during check-in and check-out), let them know how much you appreciate their kindness! And please give them positive reviews when you are contacted with their survey after your stay. This is a precious relationship we have nurtured over the years and the Omni has done so much to give back to our community.     

    We look forward to welcoming you! 760-943-8891

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