Dear Friend,

Passover is the centerpiece in an unbroken chain of beloved tradition for 3335 years, more than 100 generations. Father to son, mother to daughter.

You are the next link in the chain. Our ancestors sat at a Seder each year and shared the meaning, of this, the ‘father’ of all holidays. We know that whether it’s a Seder for one, or a Seder for many, it is a meaningful Seder.

Take the time to fully engage in this dynamic and moving experience. Prepare to feel the passion of the Exodus, taste the beauty of freedom, and hear the message of personal growth through the tastes, sounds, and sights of Jewish continuity that make the Seder so meaningful.

This year, this gathering holds special significance: In Temple times, the entire Jewish nation—men, women and even little children—would go up to the Temple in Jerusalem every seven years for an event called Hakhel—“Assemble!” The king of Israel would ascend a platform and read sections of the Torah. The nation was inspired and invigorated. It was a display of unity that refocused a diverse people.

Though our Temple does not stand, our nation lives proudly on. The king may not be seen or heard, but the people—you and I—can recreate the unity and rejoice in our Jewishness. 

Join us or try it at home, either way, make this the most meaningful Pesach ever.

May G‑d bless you and your family with a Passover filled to overflowing with good health and happiness!


Rabbi & Rebbetzin Yeruchem & Nechama Eilfort
Director, Coastal Chabads & Chabad at La Costa 


Join Chabad at La Costa for an enchanting Passover Seder

Experience the liberation and freedom of Passover.

Relive the Exodus, discover the eternal meaning of the Haggadah, and enjoy a community Seder complete with hand-baked Matzah, wine, and a wonderful dinner spiced with unique traditional customs.

Explore the Kabbalistic insight of the number four: Four cups of wine, four sons, four questions and four types of freedom.


Passover Seders at Chabad at La Costa*
1980 La Costa Ave, Carlsbad, CA.

RSVP by March 31st


Wednesday, April 5, 2023 7pm
Thursday, April 6, 2023 8pm

Suggested Donation for Locals: Adult: $54, Child: $25
Out of Towners: Adult: $108, Child (3-12): $50



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* The Seder starts very late, and is long - please plan appropriately for the children.