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Chabad at La Costa
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Dear Chabad at La Costa,

I am writing to express my sincere and enthusiastic thanks for the wonderful youth program you offered this year at Rosh Hashana services. My kids and I all LOVED it. I want to post this as a testimonial for anyone reading who may not currently be a member or who may still be looking for a place to take their kids for the rest of the High Holidays.

My three year old has some autism-like symptoms that make social interaction with his peers difficult, so he usually avoids other children. He's fine with adults, but not young kids. He can be in a room full of kids and spend the entire time just playing by himself in a corner. But at La Costa's youth program during High Holiday services, he completely came out of his shell. He loved singing all the familiar songs in Hebrew and English with everyone else. He could participate in many of the games because they were simple enough for younger children. All the children at La Costa this Rosh Hashana were so bright and friendly, and actively engaged him in play, and he responded so well to it. (and of course he knows all the Eilfort kids, who shower him with so much love and attention, he gets to feel the love of family even though our actual extended family is far away.) 

But what really blew my mind was when the kids played "The King Says" - a version of Simon Says - S. snuck around behind the "king" and snatched the crown off her head, and then ran away, giggling. I couldn't believe it because this was the first time his personality really came out during play with other kids. He's like that at home, for sure, but never when we're out. I've never seen him so interactive with his peers. Ever. 

I love the games conducted during the youth program every Shabbos too because they promote camaraderie and not competition, unity instead of exclusiveness. The kids are encouraged to become a team and to enjoy each other, rather than fight for dominance. The atmosphere you create each week has had a noticeable effect on S.'s overall personality and behavior. He is less anxious socially, he is more willing to participate and join groups, and he is definitely more open to learning and to trusting teachers. And this is in just the three short weeks that the program has been running.

A million thank you's to Morah Nechama, Adira, and all the other kids at Chabad at La Costa. A million thank you's.