Goldstone Should Not be Welcomed
By Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort
With due respect to Rabbi Boteach, and with experience running a Chabad House that caters to Jews of all backgrounds, levels of observance, and political leanings, I must disagree with his premise in the article titled, "Condemn His Report But Welcome Goldstone." There are points within the article upon which I strongly concur with Rabbi Boteach; the Goldstone Report is a monstrosity of lies and distortions. I applaud Rabbi Boteach's eloquent explanation in defense of the justice of Jewish ownership of Eretz Yisroel and hope that he was successful in his South African endeavor.
Judge Goldstone was presumably commissioned to engage in his fact-finding mission to actually find facts, NOT to offer his vision of social justice. Why else would a Judge be chosen for this job? The only possible conclusion is that Judge Goldstone purposely maligned Israel and by so doing endangered not only the Jewish State, but Jews around the world. Maybe he had 'good' intentions in this purposeful defamation, but then again, it can be argued that Hitler (he put millions back to work) for Germany, or that the believers in Communism mean well. I furthermore disagree with Rabbi Boteach when he states that criticism of Israel is not necessarily a sign of anti-Semitism. Of course it is! Long ago the critics of Israel stepped over the line. Long ago the critics developed an Orwellian logic and double standard in criticizing Israel, and those who have a predisposition to anti-Semitism seize upon Israel's 'sins' to indict all Jews.
Regrettably, Judge Goldstone purposely and quite publicly defamed the name of Israel and thereby endangered all Jewish people. He made a conscious choice to which side he wished to belong, and it is not ours. Just as a Jew who, Gā€‘d forbid, chooses a different religion and then "missionizes" his fellow Jews to join him in his new-found faith is not welcome in our synagogues, so too Judge Goldstone should be excluded until such time as he publicly repudiates his vile report.
The Israel haters, whether they are Jewish or Gentile, must be taught that there is a consequence for their flawed and Jew-endangering reasoning. When it comes to Israel's survival there is no place for multi-cultural, "He is entitled to his opinion," half measures. When someone, anyone, falsely and purposely demonizes Israel, he should be shunned by Jewish institutions. Would we offer Lois Farrakhan a stage? Would we invite him in to observe a service? How about Kapos from the Concentration camps who were, after all, Jewish and just seeking to survive?
Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort is director of Chabad at La Costa and a scholar on Rabbi Eilfort welcomes readers comments and questions and may be reached via e-mail at [email protected].