Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort
Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort was born in Los Angeles, California. He received his Rabbinical Ordination in the fall of 1987 in the Central Chabad-Lubavitch Yeshiva of Brooklyn, New York. He married Nechama Israel in 1988 and shortly thereafter moved to Irvine, California where he became the Education Director for Chabad of Irvine.
Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort In the summer of 1989 the Eilforts moved to San Diego where they both taught in the Chabad Hebrew Academy and founded Chabad at La Costa by having High Holiday services in Carlsbad that same year. In the beginning of 1990 the Chabad at La Costa Talmud Torah Hebrew School was inaugurated and monthly Shabbat services begun. In the summer of 1990 the Eilforts moved permanently to the area initiating weekly Shabbat services in their living room.
As the small group quickly grew a larger location was found at 1980 La Costa Ave., home of Chabad at La Costa to this day. The initial core group of 10 families became over 100 families, with many more who participate in some of the many programs and activities offered. Chabad at La Costa currently offers classes on a wide variety of Jewish topics that meet four nights a week, classes that meet during the day, youth programs, holiday programs, special lectures, and twice daily Minyans. The growth of the congregation necessitated the hiring of two young couples and creating Coastal Chabads. We welcome Rabbi & Mrs. Elia and Chaya Eilfort and Rabbi Yossi and Muka Rodal. Please see their pages on our site. 
Muka and Chava in the Sukkah Rabbi Eilfort was a long-time columnist in the now defunct Jewish Heritage Newspaper for whom he wrote a variety of the columns ranging from a weekly article on the Torah portion of the week to a column on Current Events from a Jewish Perspective and explanations for Jewish Laws and Customs. Rabbi Eilfort also writes for the San Diego Jewish Journal. In addition to these activities Rabbi Eilfort helped found Win Israel Now, a pro-Israel advocacy group based in the San Diego area. Rabbi Eilfort has also gained acclaim as a guest lecturer on many topics and venues. Rabbi Eilfort has hosted his own radio show (LeChaim to Life with Rabbi E) and was the Editor of Chabad of California's Impact! Magazine.
The Eilforts have eight (8) children, five boys and three girls, many grandchildren.