Rebbetzin Nechama Eilfort
Miss Nechama Israel was born in Boston MA, the eldest of four children. She grew up in Worcester MA until she entered 6th grade when her family moved to Brooklyn NY. In Brooklyn, Nechama attended Bais Yakov girls’ school and later Bais Rivka High School for girls in Crown Heights.
nechamaheadpink.jpg Nechama attended seminary at JTTC in Gateshead, England and Touro College in Manhattan NY. In 1988 Nechama Israel became Nechama Eilfort when she married Rabbi Yeruchem Eilfort. Together they moved to Irvine, California where Mrs. Eilfort taught in the preschool and Sunday school. Over the years Mrs. Eilfort has taught High School science and Chassidic Philosophy, First and third grade Judaic studies and Sunday school. In 1989 the Eilforts moved to San Diego CA where they accepted the position of the Rebbe's Emissaries to what was at the time, the northern-most post in Coastal North County San Diego – centered in Carlsbad, California.
Rabbi and Mrs. E. taught a weekly Hebrew school program and held Shabbat services monthly for a year before moving to a house in La Costa, a Carlsbad community. There they held services in their living room.
Boruch Hashem (thank G‑d), the Eilforts were blessed with a son in 1990 and now have eight lovely children.
Chabad at La Costa found its current home in 1991. The warm, friendly, and homey environment is inviting and rewarding.
Mrs. Eilfort was a popular Scholar on She has spoken on panels at SDSU, to groups such as Brandeis women and ORT and at High Schools in Southern California. Currently Mrs. Eilfort acts as the Alumni Coordinator and High School Teacher at the Hebrew Academy of Huntington Beach, CA. Mrs. E. gives classes regularly at Chabad at La Costa.
To Reach the Rebbetzin call 760.943.8891